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Published on 12/07/11
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Seen in the group
Les oiseaux en vol
Les oiseaux en vol

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In the eye Red Kite

Author 'Julicarm' A voir (Id 153702 ) : Attitude is prettier than the first, I think ... But anyway, I was ecstatic to see them spinning as low ... I would like to surprise them with a prey in the talons ... I would one day ... I would have ... : 18:

In the eye
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> Gilbair [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jun 22, 2017
There are red kites in areas where I 'hunting' (photo) I have never been able to approach for a photo at the telephoto. The simple reflection of the lenses seems to make them flee so that they are protected... Very nice photograph with excellent lighting, I like the feat.
> Jofu [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Apr 28, 2016
Everything has been said. What a joy for you to have it set in the box ! What a pleasure for us. and thank you Julie, .
> WebMaster FEI [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Apr 28, 2016
Weird, why are some of the photos you are outside ?
Perhaps because the subject is too fast ?
And it's the same, why is it not present in the group of birds in flight ? He escaped, or what ?
In short, as everyone has already said, this is perfect and I note in this sense.
> Precilia65 [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Nov 13, 2012
wouaaa... I love it ! Your picture is simply superb. Thanks for sharing and bravo !
> Alle [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Aug 20, 2011
1: One can only congratulate him on making such a beautiful, July. Thank you for this beautiful picture and sharing. : 6:
> Francis-Sisco [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Aug 06, 2011
Beautiful shot with an attitude in flight is remarkable. Thank you for this gift to FEI. We can live this moment with you.
> Géna >Reply Aug 04, 2011
I would love to do this kind of great photo Julie. I see that the Sigma 120-400mm works well. Can you tell me a little? : 6:
> Patjoe [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 31, 2011
Beautiful! This beautiful bird caught in flight is really beautiful and perfect clarity. I understand your pleasure to see them so close above your head. Thank you Julie. : 2:: 6:
> Ocatarinetabella >Reply Jul 25, 2011
Not much to say except that you could resize it to 1440x900 my screen ... : 18:
> Pandora [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 25, 2011
Very beautiful! A really nice shot for a face to face, which I imagine must have been awesome!
> Ghislain [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 24, 2011
: 1: Perfect. That this is a nice sailboat. He looks at you straight in the eye to your appearance certainly appetizing.
> Lilytana [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 22, 2011
: 3: in 2: the obvious. Your talent allows us to admire the magnificent scale of the kite in flight is great and the diagonal and "designed to" 5:. Thank you for everything: 6: in gift Julicarm!
> Sailor [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 22, 2011
Always such beautiful pictures of these birds, a beautiful diagonal of the wing tips.
> Rinou55 [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 20, 2011
Hello Julicarm: 3:. Me, I find this bird and be successful in both net in the box. Thank you for this beautiful shot.
> Jeanjacques8420 [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 20, 2011
+: I confess that I will like to meet this kind of birds in my corner, excellent shot: 2: Your talent is undeniable. A detail if you have too much coms, we do not know what to put: 4:

-:Why do you have a sky blue turquoise, you just tell me?
 > Author Julicarm [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply
Jul 21, 2011
Dd Hello, No, I can explain it to you ... But sometimes when I find the sky too pronounced, depending on the setting speed / f-stop chosen, I take a little cyan to lighten ... : 18:. Thank you for your passage and all.
> Camin.norbert [G] [P] [C] >Reply Jul 20, 2011
Even me, to tell you that since I have a computer, it is the first time my wallpaper is not one of my photos ... I wanted you to tell you, since it scans milan me when I open my screen, it will give you pleasure, and it is well deserved! (The "many people" have viewed this photo: BRAVO!): 5:
 > Author Julicarm [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply
Jul 20, 2011
I'm very flattered that my milan invade your home ... Affected, and filled, thank you very much ... But come on, rapidly changing, there are plenty of other nice photos ... : 18:: 6:
> Henri H [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 19, 2011
Beautiful photo. You were well placed because not a cloud comes 'whiten' the background of the raptor. The look is impressive. I guess you were at maximum focal length. Or was he ready enough (above you may be) for the shooter with equal skill. Bravo.
> JC [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 18, 2011
Hats off, great shot, I take it all, nothing to throw. : 1:
> Tsouret [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 17, 2011
For me it's perfect! Need I say more? Otherwise great: 3: to the artist.
> Angel >Reply Jul 17, 2011
Good morning. This image is just beautiful! Congratulations artist!
> Chasseur de temps [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 17, 2011
Here you are doomed to Julie a breeding rodents do you suggest to ask your models. : 18: Thou shalt have no problem longer, photographically speaking, you also come to steal the same level as those kites that fascinate us.
> Mic.marif [G] [P] [C] >Reply Jul 16, 2011
As impressive photo, love, beautiful picture of this kite that looks at you straight in the eye, good framing. Bravo: 1:
> DouceVie [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 16, 2011
Excellent photo JuliCarm. I think you're very lucky to succeed as a cliché. Near my home there was a nest, and I just missed it. Bravo. : 1:
> Isabelle S.B [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 15, 2011
Like the kite, your shot is Royal: 12:: 3: Sharpness impressed and confirms your talent to take the bird in flight. A picture worthy of a pro: 1:: 1:
> Boxani [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 15, 2011
Royal ... It is, your picture Julicarm! Superb flying kite with outstretched wings of perfect clarity ... Congratulations to you!
> Le fan belfortain [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 15, 2011
: 1: In the blue sky and with the superb diagonal presentation, this kite is beautiful: excellent sharpness, splendid color detail, his size and his gaze piercing. Congratulations and thank you + + Julicarm. : 3:
> Louise [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 15, 2011
I did not open the computer for a few days after watching the fireworks I just take a little trip on the EIF and there ... I discovered this wonderful Milan, scale, details of its plumage, the colors, look, it's a beauty: 1:: 3:: 6: You can be proud of such a decision. THANK YOU JULIE. : 6:
> Natureln [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 14, 2011
: 2:: 3: For me it is absolutely perfect! Yes it is in a wonderful position! What a treat! You are a: 6: We share your wonders! Bravissimo Julie and thank you! And see you for lunch in the greenhouse!
> Mady [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 14, 2011
Her majesty in full screen and superb diagonal 1: How to control a picture as clear: 3:: 6:
> Labrume [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 14, 2011
What a great decision! : 2:: 2:: 2: A perfect framing, no complaints.
> Evie [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
: 2: Perfection, Julie! I'm willing to stay on the lookout for four days to cross such a look, as I said four days! ? Four months to four years even! But ... no need to wander, this look, it's there for our delight, for you have the generosity to share your talent and your emotions, which enchant us ... It's always a wonderful gift! Thank you, my Julie for this wonderful wallpaper that is alternated with the beautiful white stallion ... : 5:: 6:: 3:
> Tintin.dd [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
A new and beautiful image with a frame grabber on this is excellent: 1:. I guess you were lying in wait under the tent: 16:. : 3: Julicarm Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
> Fifie34 [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Good attitude and good sharpness! You control despite the emotion: 1: As for the prey in the greenhouses, you shall have, of course you'll have it! Such passion and patience, it should be rewarded: 6:
> Gipsy34 [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Its flight is very graceful, I understand your emotion. Congratulations on this great shot Julie and thank you for sharing.
> Géna >Reply Jul 13, 2011
I have not yet dared to do this kind of exercise. I lack the equipment. I see that you owned a Sigma 120-400, I guess it is not cheap! Great Photo ... let a: 6:: 4:
> Gavot53 [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Comment again, your picture is beautiful magic, all comments are there to prove it, thank you. Nicole g. : 1:: 3:: 6:
> Nicole.barberon [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
What about after so many praises, your picture is simply beautiful! Well done for this picture quality. : 1:
> Manu [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Hello, what about after all was said: 4: Wonderful picture of a bird that looks at you straight in the eye: 11:: 2:
> Jcmai [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Julie attention to your equipment, it looks like he is fascinated by your camera!
> Camin.norbert [G] [P] [C] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Excellent wildlife photography! I assume that the diagonal is voluntary ... This is exactly like the pictures, not frozen, live and demonstrating curiosity: In short, a snapshot, as should be all clichés, which unfortunately is not often the case ... SIGMA your goal should be very good, and ... Your eye also: 6:
 > Author Julicarm [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply
Jul 13, 2011
Hello, The diagonal is absolutely not premeditated ... It was flying like that, I have not touched, except the open shade ... I was very lucky, but I watched .. Many thanks for your passage, and all of you ... : 6:
> Nicoledesplat [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Very nice shot of the kite in flight, I love this shot made by the diagonal of the turn of this lovely raptor: 3:: 4:
> Mamyrasta [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
: 5: Majestic's all, no need to add more! Oh yes, thank you Julie! : 3:: 3:: 6:
> Yves1.becker [G] [P] [C] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
: 1:: 2:: 3: It deserves its name, it's magnificent, thank you for this award.
> GAUDE J-M [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Still a very nice performance from you, with this precise socket in a good light, bravo. : 1: Jean-Mi.
> Lilytana [G] [P] [C] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
: 3: to tone 2: well deserved! It is truly "royal" tone Milan (the city but not your prey!). You was so successful that looks like it has eyes only for you: 5:! The photo is sublime in both its aesthetic qualities which thou hast photo used for our pleasure: a:. Thank you for everything: 6: dear Julicarm for this gift. I share your joy of taking and of course one day in the bush, the bush with prey in its talons. For me it is a "greenhouse-titude"! Friendships Lilytana admiration: 19:: 13:
> Gontrand62 [G] [P] [C] [B] [F] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
: 2: Bon ben there I'm speechless: 11: I do not despair of thee a present in the same kind: 18: in any case where you have made very strong, beautiful oops.
> Christel.cadette [G] [P] [C] >Reply Jul 13, 2011
Beautiful soaring and beautiful look. Nice photo and an unobstructed view of hell on this beautiful bird, hat: 1:. The earth and its beauty mystery, the magic wings and sky.
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Groupe Les oiseaux en vol
Un oiseau qui a surement du s'échapper du groupe mais que je remets de suite... (WebMaster FEI)
Bien cadré dans la diagonale, il est superbe ce Milan Royal !! (Romaric)
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